Saturday, September 23, 2017

Update on Tuvia Perlman

On Tuesday, I published a Facebook post about a man named Tuvia Perlman, who worked as a teacher and a choir director in Milwaukee after moving there from Baltimore. Mr. Perlman admitted to molesting multiple minors; he made this admission in a room full of people that included myself, this was in 2007. Mr. Perlman made these admissions to multiple people on multiple occasions.
It was just 4 days prior to writing and publishing said post that I found out he had relocated to Milwaukee from Baltimore a few years ago and had been working with children in Milwaukee both as a teacher, choir director, and private tutor up until this past summer.
What I said in that post and what I will say again here, is that it isn't something like god (or whatever higher power you'd like to refer to), that enables such a dangerous situation to happen. It's the silence of community leaders like Rabbi Bentzion Twerski who was warned by someone in Baltimore that Mr. Perlman posed a danger to children and yet Rabbi Twerski took no tangible action to prevent Perlman from having access to children despite claiming to have taken some action.
I've learned since Tuesday among other things that Rabbi Twerski is treated like an infallible person who can do no wrong in the eyes of many of his community members, but I also learned that there are many other members of his community that are very frustrated with his leadership on the issue of child sexual abuse. To his supporters and to Rabbi Twerski, I want you to be aware that I have a recording of my conversation with Rabbi Twerski that I intend to release to the public in due course. In this recording, Rabbi Twerski can be heard acknowledging that he was warned that Perlman posed some kind of danger to children and then proceded to claim that "precautions" were taken to prevent Perlman from having access to children. Rabbi Twerki's own words, as well as the sad reality that Tuvia Perlman had access to children for years under his watchful eye, tell a different story than what Rabbi Twerski is claiming now.
About 24 hours after publishing my initial post, Facebook decided to remove my post and to block me from posting or interacting with anyone for a full day as punishment for supposedly violating their community standards with my post. It is still very unclear to me what those community standards are that I violated because of other than one notification, Facebook has not contacted me regarding that post or explained why it chose to remove a post that was a warning of imminent danger facing Jewish children in Milwaukee.
I hope that in time this will be cleared up but for now, I am sharing a link to my blog where I also published Tuesday's post. I don't use that blog often but I do when necessary. I will not be silenced from spreading the truth and from potentially saving kids from a seasoned predator. I dare Facebook to ban me for trying to protect children. As I've said in that post as well, I have proof for every single one of my claims and that proof has only been bolstered and corroborated by others since being published.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I am publishing this letter today to notify the public of an individual named Tuvia Perlman and the immediate threat he poses to the safety of any and all children in his vicinity.
I first met Mr. Perlman when I was 18 while attending an organization called JONAH (a Jewish conversion therapy organization that was shut down in 2015 after losing a lawsuit). When I met Mr. Perlman, we were on a retreat together called Journey Into Manhood, this retreat was facilitated by an organization called People Can Change. After this retreat, Mr. Perlman, who lived in Baltimore used to call me often, to the point where even at that time I felt extremely uncomfortable by his calls and long voicemails.
Mr. Perlman as far as I knew at that time, had recently stopped being a teacher at a cheder (Hebrew word for elementary school). In a group setting that was facilitated on by JONAH on their premises in 2007, Mr. Perlman admitted to the entire group that he molested at least 2 of his 12/13-year-old students.
At the time, I blocked this out for multiple reasons. I myself am a survivor of sexual abuse and to be in the same room as someone who was admitting to committing the very same thing that I was trying to heal from, was horrific to the point where I literally blocked this out of my mind.
However, I’ve never forgotten Mr. Perlman and what happened during that group session. In 2014, while I was in the middle of a lawsuit against JONAH, one of JONAH’s main witnesses confirmed my claim about this incident. JONAH’s very own witness admitted under oath that he also remembered Mr. Perlman’s admission of molesting children. To be clear, as of now, there are two people who were in that room who heard Mr. Perlman’s admission and who are ready to publicly declare so. I am one of those people, the other was the witness in question who in recent days has agreed to confirm this information so as to protect the safety of children.
This note is being published today because on Friday morning I was informed by Meyer Seewald, founder and director of Jewish Community Watch (JCW), that Mr. Perlman had relocated to Milwaukee at some point in the last few years and that he might be running a boys choir. I immediately started reaching out to people in Milwaukee and was able to confirm that not only had Mr. Perlman been the assistant director of a boys choir, he also occasionally taught at the Milwaukee Yeshiva called Yeshiva Elementary school, Mr. Perlman’s son is a full-time teacher there as well. In the course of investigating this, the principal of this Yeshiva, Rabbi Dovid Kossowsky contacted me on Sunday to let me know that “Rabbi [Tuvia] Perlman does not teach here and will likely not teach here anytime in the future.”
When Mr. Perlman made his first shocking disclosure in that group session at JONAH he mentioned that he quit his job as a teacher because he recognized the fact that he was a danger to his students. I think that part of me hoped that he stuck to that train of thought and stayed away from children but sadly I was proven wrong. I was naive and hoping that whatever good I thought Mr. Perlman had inside his heart would prevail. That turned out not to be true and I regret not making this public statement sooner.

Tuvia Perlman from behind, teaching children. Photo courtesy of Ruach website. 

The question of responsibility is an important one here: how can it be that people like the directors of JONAH knew that Mr. Perlman was a child molester and chose not to report that? How could JONAH put survivors like myself and abusers like Mr. Perlman in the same room and support groups? Through the legal proceedings with JONAH it became very clear that the staff at JONAH were either purposefully not informed on issues of childhood sexual abuse or they just didn’t care. Arthur Goldberg, who founded and directed JONAH said under oath that he didn’t believe he had a moral obligation to report suspected pedophiles to the authorities. But, I am under no illusion that JONAH was a dangerous and reckless organization, so when Mr. Goldberg made that statement in his deposition I wasn’t exactly surprised.
What troubles me though is what my understanding of what’s taking place within the Milwaukee community right now. My first call was to the director of the boys choir the Mr. Perlman directed in 2015, this individual was extremely helpful and provided me with a list of people I should contact regarding this matter. Two of those people included Rabbi Doniel Meister and Rabbi Bentzion Twerski of Milwaukee. The choir director made me aware of the fact that Mr. Perlman had worked for Mr. Meisels who runs a kiruv organization.
My conversation with Rabbi Meister was extremely frustrating and painful. It was abundantly clear from our conversation that Rabbi Meister was woefully uninformed about the issues of sexual abuse and was intent on trying to protect Mr. Perlman. Rabbi Meister implored me to speak to members of the Twerski family who could “handle” this appropriately, and I called Bentzion Twerski.
But it was my conversation with Rabbi Twerski that was most shocking. Rabbi Twerski admitted to me that when Mr. Perlman moved to Milwaukee a few years ago, they received some kind of warning about Mr. Perlman and that he was a potential danger to children. Rabbi Twerski insisted that because of that warning, they made sure Mr. Perlman did not have access to children. I asked Rabbi Twerski how he could make that claim given that we know Mr. Perlman was teaching children at the local school as well as managing a choir, and Rabbi Twerski’s response to me was that now that they have more concrete information they will have to take more serious steps to prevent Mr. Perlman from having access to children.
Rabbi Twerski could not seem to explain the inconsistency in his contention that Mr. Perlman wasn’t given access to children when in fact, he was.
My goal in publishing this today is first and foremost to notify the public at large that Mr. Perlman is a dangerous man who should not have any access to children under any circumstances.
I also would like to note that if in fact, Mr. Perlman did hurt any children during the time he spent in Milwaukee while community leaders were aware that he was dangerous, they are responsible for those victims.
I believe that anyone, especially mental health professionals who ever supported JONAH, especially publicly, (I’m looking at you Norman Goldwasser), are guilty too. It is clear public record that Bentzion Twerski and Norman Goldwasser supported JONAH ( Both Twerski and Goldwasser spoke at JCW events and were promoted by JCW. While JCW no longer has any dealings with Doctor Goldwasser, they have not made any public statements about him and the fact that they no longer endorse him or send patients to him. So long as they don’t do that, they continue to at least create an illusion that they support or endorse Doctor Goldwasser. In terms of their other speaker, Rabbi Twerski, what happens from here remains to be seen but I do believe that any organization dedicated to protecting victims of abuse must maintain as much distance as possible from anyone who is even perceived to have enabled abuse which in this case, it seems as if Bentzion Twerski had information that could have potentially protected children but chose not to act on that information.
I know that there are some who wanted me to hold off on publishing this so that they can investigate who covered for Mr. Perlman in Baltimore and while I think those efforts are important, I don’t believe I can wait even one more day to notify the public about this dangerous man. As Rosh Hashanah nears, if Mr. Perlman goes to your synagogue or is around your children, please remember this statement when you think of the safety and well-being of your children.
I currently do not have a photo of Mr. Perlman but if anyone reading this happens to have one or find one, please send it to me so that I can include it in this note.
Finally, to the victims of Mr. Perlman, I am so sorry that I did not make this statement sooner. If you haven’t yet, please consider coming forward and filing a police report. If you need support or more of the actual evidence cited in this note, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. By coming forward you will begin the very long but important process of confronting a severe injustice committed against you and many others by Mr. Perlman and the people who protected him.
Let it be clear that I have evidence for every claim in this statement.
For questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly either on Facebook or via email:
Please share widely to make sure that children are protected from this man!

Update as of 10:14pm:
the principal of the school that employed Mr. Perlman sent out an email to parents concerning this post:
"Dear Parents,
We have become aware of allegations made against a former part-time
employee of Yeshiva Elementary School during his employment at an
out-of-town organization. This is the first time YES has been made
aware of this and we are unaware of any allegations pertaining to this
person's employment / activities at our institution.
Our children's safety is our top priority. Please remember that the
laws of Lashon Hara and Rechilus (slander and gossip) apply to this
situation, and therefore, if you have concerns you would like to
discuss, please contact me directly at to arrange
a time to speak.
Dovid Kossowsky"

Friday, January 1, 2016


Dear readers,

I know that it's been a long time since I've written something new on this blog. Most of my writing has turned into Facebook posts that have appear on my Facebook page but they're not as concentrated as these blog posts were and that's definitely something that I miss about blogging.

I'm currently focusing on being back in college and working full time. At the same time though, I've been very actively working on a support group for people from the Chabad community who are LGBTQ. This group is a private group on Facebook that has 71 members in just one week. I've also created a fan page that people can like in order to show support for their fellow Chabad friends and family who are LGBTQ.

This past year I've been fortunate to see the downfall of a terrible organization named JONAH. It was an honor to be part of this effort but it was a grueling process that almost costed me my sanity. You can read more about the case in this amazing article published by Newsweek just a few weeks ago. If you google JONAH and or conversion therapy you can find more details about the case too. You are also welcome to read the trial transcripts here. I am hopeful that by educating the world about programs like the one JONAH ran, others will never have to go through what so many of us were subjected to because of our sexual orientation.

I am hopeful that 2016 will be even better than this past year and I look forward to celebrating many more accomplishments with you all.

Thank you,

Chaim Levin

Monday, January 5, 2015

When it's Someone you Know: Levi Moscowitz

I’ve been torn inside and out ever since I found out that someone who I otherwise knew to be a good friendly guy, someone that I shared good memories in yeshiva with, pleaded no contest to one of the most heinous crimes that has ever come across the arsenal of cases that I’m personally familiar with.

Levi Moscowitz committed suicide on Saturday in Griffith park in Los Angeles. This came just weeks after the charges against him as well as a very damning police report became public. Despite having known Levi for over 10 years and once considering him a close friend, I knew that sharing this information with the public was crucial to the safety of any and all children that he may have come into contact with. At the same time though, his death brings about some very unfortunate realities and issues that have yet to be addressed when confronting this cancer of sexual abuse.

While there are many who have expressed no remorse over his death, and others who even seemed to rejoice in it, I don’t think these people realize how Levi’s death is a loss for everyone. Most of us want to see an end or at least some respite for the millions of people who are suffering from having been victims of sexual abuse, and there are also many of us who know that we have to face the perpetrator and the issues they face as well. For every comment out there directed at Levi posthumously, comments that while they were directed at Levi himself, were also aimed at other pedophiles and potential pedophiles, an opportunity to learn from these people and how to help them, and maybe even prevent them, drifts farther and farther away.

As Jewish Community Watch correctly pointed out many times, there are many individuals who struggle with the inclination to hurt children but choose not to. And then there are the ones who do but spend the rest of their lives trying to make up for it. And of course, there are the ones who who don’t ever realize or accept their wrongdoings and choose not to take responsibility for them, or even worse, brag about their crimes. Levi fell into the last category. In the aforementioned police report Levi is said to have bragged about what he had done to other innocent victims. Indeed, anyone who read that police report was able to deduce the unfortunate reality that Levi Moscowitz was a very very sick person.

The thing is, while he was sick and had been on this downward spiraling path for quite some time already (18 months ago I expressed concern to a few mutual friends about the things he was doing in LA), there are many of us who didn’t know him as this dark tormented dangerous predator. We simply knew him as someone who was a friend, a brother, a son, a classmate. The hardest part for all of us was accepting that this person we knew and loved had these demons and was capable of such horrible things. None of us dug our heads in the sand and pretended these things weren’t true, but we also didn’t make it our mission to let him know that he was a sick person not worthy of living in this world. No, we wanted him to know that while we judged him for his crimes, he was still the Levi we once knew and we still hoped there was a chance that he would change his path and attempt to make amends for his crimes and maybe even help us learn from others like him in order to prevent and be more aware of the warning signs with such people in the future.

I don’t know exactly why I decided to write this honestly. It was just last week that I told multiple people that I was afraid of this very thing happening. It was clear that Levi was moving downhill fast and that there was nothing any of us could’ve done about it, but it’s still heartbreaking nonetheless.

I respectfully ask that those who didn’t know him personally remember that he was someone’s child, friend, brother. Those people are and have the full right to grieve for him. By telling those people that their friend is better off dead you aren’t contributing to this epidemic and are only adding to those peoples’ pain. While some might think that it’s ideal for all pedophiles to kill themselves, nothing could be further from the truth. If we don’t give these people a chance to do right by their crimes or to seek help before they commit them, how can we expect them to come to us and ask for help? After all, we KNOW that there are others who haven’t committed any crimes and want help.

In conclusion I’d like to wish my deepest condolences to his family and friends who knew him. Many of us started mourning him a long time ago but as long as he was still alive there was always the chance that maybe one day he would try and do right by his past and use it to make the world a safer place. In death, he will never be able to do that because death is the only thing that’s ever final. Please remember that while we categorically condemn his actions, there are other Levi’s out there who deserve the chance to not only try and atone for their crimes, but also the ones who never committed a crime against a child and want to do everything they can in order to avoid doing so.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Re: We Are Under attack by the LGBTPed Community

On the average Wednesday I tend to ignore Yeshiva World News but today Rabbi Yair Hoffman's cry about religious freedom being under attack because telling underage minors that they can be cured from being gay is becoming more and more frowned upon (for good reason).

Let's just cut to the chase on this one:

-Religious freedom doesn't give you the right to promote unlicensed self proclaimed professionals to tell kids who are already confused that their sexuality is their fault and is something that can be cured.

-Religious freedom doesn't mean that you can send your kids to anyone you want for treatment, especially if this treatment is known to cause serious harm to many (myself included).

-Forcing children into conversion therapy against their will is NOT a parent's right, and any parent who tries to do this to their children should be prosecuted for child abuse.

I wonder if Rabbi Hoffman is concerned about the countless underage LGBT kids that are kicked out of their homes, yeshivas and communities because of their orientation.

I also wonder if Rabbi Hoffman is concerned about the methods that these so called professionals use, including but not limited to blaming their parents for their orientation, and most notably being coerced to strip naked in a locked room with an unlicensed "professional".

Stop using religious freedom as an excuse to justify abuse. If a cancer patient (a REAL illness) who is a minor is forced by his parents to see a self proclaimed professional and not a real doctor to deal with his illness and then they die, thees parents would be easily liable for his death. In this case, there is no real illness other than the potential long term very harmful effects of such so called therapies.

It would be in Hoffman's best interest to focus on real problems facing religious communities if that's what he really cares about.

Ps. It's LGBTQIA (if you cared) - the added PED is not only not funny but also indicative of how quickly people seemed to forget that the nazis came for the Jews and for gay people too.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Unabashedly Public

Over the last three years, as I’ve written and spoken about some very personal experiences in my life, I’ve received much praise for my bravery, encouragement from others who were motivated to share their stories and come forward, and my voice has never felt louder or more powerful than ever. When I was younger, I used to have nightmares in which I was attempting to scream at the top of my lungs, I was trying to scream about the pain I was feeling, the injustices that I suffered, and the way they were ignored. Today, I no longer have that dream anymore.

Ever since I found my voice and started writing publicly, there hasn’t been a single day that’s gone by where I looked back and regretted my decision. Whether it was talking about being sexually abused for 4 years during my childhood, undergoing so called conversion therapy to try and become straight or shedding light on other people’s plights and raising awareness through them, it’s always been more rewarding than regretful. Some people have chosen to judge me and label me as a “professional victim,” but as far as I’m concerned if that’s what it takes to get said people to talk about these issues that otherwise go ignored, I’m happy to be a professional victim.

I have many detractors out there, some of whom I know but most of whom I don’t know. It pleases me to know that I’ve earned detractors because that means I was part of the important process that forces people to confront issues that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about because they elected to ignore them. Whether it was about the student in Chicago who was put on notice and threatened with expulsion for going public about her past as a rape survivor; the guy who grew up orthodox and got married even though he was gay; the lack of education in many ultra orthodox communities; and many others, I’m proud that I was able to contribute at least one bit in lending a voice to the voiceless.

I don’t represent any group of people, I am an individual who made a decision to share parts of my personal life with the rest of the world in the hopes that someone would benefit through them. I am so thankful to all my supporters and to all the people who constantly encourage me to write more, the ones who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, and I truly do hope that there will come a time where no one ever feels like they’re screaming on the top of their lungs but can’t be heard.

Lots of love.

Chaim Levin

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Allegations Against Employee at JEM Center In Los Angeles Spark Uproar


Los Angeles, CA --  An event was held last night by Jewish parents in Beverly Hills who were concerned about the claims of abuse leveled against counselor/director of JEM center Mendel Tevel. The event was hosted in the home of Esther Abehsera and was organized by Meyer Seewald, director of Jewish Community Watch. In attendance were Deputy District Attorney Rabbi Benny Forer, and one of Tevel’s numerous alleged victims that agreed to talk to the crowd without using his name. About 50 people attended the event that was announced just four hours before it was scheduled to take place. The victim agreed to talk on the condition that people would leave phones and recording devices at the door, with the hope that by telling his story to a large group of people, the charges against Tevel would be taken more seriously because someone agreed to speak in front of a real live audience.

The alleged victim now 23, told the crowd that he was 14 when the abuse occurred. With his wife by his side, he recounted how when he was 14 years old he attended “Shterns” Yeshiva in Upstate New York.“When I was 14, I was in Yeshiva. We called it Shterns. Mendel Tevel was my Mashpia (mentor) and teacher. It started out when it became a big thing in school to work out, lift weights. Tevel offered to be my personal trainer, and he would push me to work harder and harder, and one time he in order to make me work harder he would whip me with a metal. hanger. And from then on, If i stopped working out I’d get whacked in the back with a metal hanger. I had marks, I bled, and I had cuts.” He further alleged that the abuse escalated “After a few days of working out with him, he started offering me messages to relax my muscles so that I wouldn’t be sore that day. After a few times he got into bed with me and sat on top of me to give me a message. I hate to be a little bit vulgar but while he was giving me the massage he was “dry humping me.” "From there it progressed where every day he tried to get me to go to the mikva before Shachris (prayer service). He offered to go with me personally because I didn’t like to be part of the large crowd that go together. One day it was really cold and it was so cold that there was a layer of ice over the Mikvah and I didn’t want to go in. Tevel came up behind me and started smacking me on my behind, and I realized that Tevel had an erection.” It was in that moment that the victim says he realized that something was “not quite right” with their connection and maintains that he distanced himself from Tevel from that point on.

Last week, on a Facebook group called LA Mommies, a member of the group posted her concern about the allegations in Tevel's past and his involvement with JEM center. In her post (which has since been deleted), she alleged that she was contacted by a concerned parent who had heard that Tevel was working at JEM high school. The thread quickly escalated, and one parent, a mother of three wanted to make sure other parents knew about the allegations against Tevel.

This mother said that she was “deeply concerned,” when she saw a Facebook post by Devorah Wagshul, sister in law of Mendel Tevel about JEM with the caption “Ran by the best directors, Aka Bracha and Mende[l]”, attached was a recent Facebook post by JEM Hebrew High. Upon further investigation, this flyer was found on JEM’s website, the phone number lists Brocha Illulian as the contact person for the program. Bracha Illulian is the wife of Mendel Tevel.

After calls to JEM center, a woman who would only identify herself as Chelsea said that “We’re safe here, there’s really not an issue, everyone already knows that there’s no issue.” When asked if Tevel was still part of the staff at JEM she said that “There’s no issue, everyone’s safe, there’s nothing wrong. Nothing happened. Everyone knows this, these are false accusations... and, he didn’t do this, to anybody. They’re lying.”  

JEM Center, which was founded by Rabbi Hertzel illulian in 1984, was once connected to Chabad but has since separated from the movement and operates independently.

Other attendees of the event recounted their own personal stories of being abused when they were minors. One of them, Mordy Gluckowsky alleges that he was abused by his dorm counselor at a Chabad yeshiva abroad, but when he notified the principal of his school he was expelled two days later.

According to David Smith*, he was sexually abused and assaulted by Tevel repeatedly when he was 14/15 years old. David recounts moments where Tevel “whacked him” on his rear with a leather belt; he also recalls multiple incidents of oral sex being performed on him by Tevel. David, who grew up in the Crown Heights community still has the ability to press charges against Tevel for another few months but is reluctant to do so because of what he describes as "strong family pressure and community pressure" placed upon him not to do anything to Tevel. David alleges that he was contacted by a member of the Tevel family and was offered money in exchange for his silence, David says he didn’t accept this offer but is still very reluctant to come forward.

A third alleged victim of Tevel who is past the statute of limitations recounted how Tevel would lure him the basement of his parents’ home when he was around the ages of 6 and 7 years old by offering him candy and the use of his game boy. “He would tie me up to the trampoline and would whip me on my backside with a belt, sometimes with my clothes on and sometimes with my clothes off.” This alleged victim’s testimony is very similar to that of other victims who say that aside from the sexual abuse they endured by Tevel, there was a significant amount of physical assault perpetrated against them by Tevel with leather belts in their backside area.

A letter written by members of the Jewish community has already acquired almost 75 signatures within 24 hours. The letter offers support and encouragment to victims of Tevel to come forward. The reason for writing this letter according Seewald was because “we want to show the victims how much support there already is out there, public support for them. There are so many people who are anonymously offering their support, that's not good enough anymore.” As this story continues to grow, many people in the Los Angeles communities are unsure if their children are safe at JEM center. Some mothers are alleging that Tevel sometimes goes to the Hebrew High school in Beverly Hills to put on Tefilin with younger teenagers. Other parents expressed concern about Brocha Illulian, Tevel’s wife who would frequently stand near their children’s schools and hands out flyers promoting JEM’s upcoming events.

Seewald, who attempted to alert the Illulian family before Tevel was engaged to their daughter said: “I went directly to Rabbi Hertzel Illulian when I heard that his daughter was getting engaged to Tevel. Rabbi Illulian outright dismissed the possibility that Tevel still poses a danger to children, and when I told him the graphic details given to me by one of Tevel’s victims in which the victim described Tevel performing oral sex on him, Illulian asked me if “he [the victim] enjoyed it”. A response that even for Seewald, who claims to have heard about so many similar stories, shocked him. "He tried to blame the victim by implying that because he might have enjoyed it, it was his fault."

Seewald remarked that the event "was revolutionary." "For the first time in two years a victim got up and talked to parents for the sake of protecting children even though he knew that people may find out his identity. I’ve never seen a victim empowering so many other people to talk. I hope that people learn from this that there’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. People should see that coming forward is not just something that will help the public, but it will also help victims heal from their personal trauma.” He ended off by saying that he hopes that this turn of events will set a better precedent for victims of the Chabad community in Crown Heights. "We have almost 70 signatures by now, but hardly any of them are from members of the Crown Heights community, where Tevel committed many of his alleged crimes." Seewald said that this event was a very emotional one for him, and he hopes that the Crown Heights and greater Chabad communities will follow the example set by the people who attended this event and also by the people who signed the letter of support.

*name changed per victim's request

Update on Tuvia Perlman

On Tuesday, I published a Facebook post about a man named Tuvia Perlman, who worked as a teacher and a choir director in Milwaukee after mo...