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Do you see their faces? Can you look into their eyes?

In my continued "journey" of "giving them hope" and the things I'm doing now, I try as best as I can to stay focused on the goal, the end result, the real message, the real truth.

Today, I am gonna continue and try to answer the people who keep questioning my motives and what my real intentions are with talking about my experience and what it was like to grow up orthodox and gay.

The "it gets better" video that I was part of, the one entitled. It gets better - gay orthodox Jews, was inspired by Dan Savage's it gets project, that served to send a message to lost and confused souls who felt alone and hopeless because they were gay or just different, in a response to the growing number of suicides across the country. The video originally came under criticism by Elliot Resnick of the Jewish Press, but thankfully the Jewish Press allowed me to publish my response to the critics of Resnick and other people in the orthodox community that want the gay "issue" silenced at any cost.

These faces are only a few, the well known cases of people that took their own lives. Do you see their faces? Can you look right into their eyes and say that you don't care about gay people, bullying, or suicide on the back's of that because your god tells you that there's something wrong with us?

Religion, god, divinity in the name of a higher power are supposed to be things of compassion, not a weapon of condemnation. The only thing you get when you condemn gays or people speaking out and telling the truth you're asking for the above result, innocent people taking their own lives or being subjected to the horrific dangers of unlicensed reaparative therapy because you led them to believe they weren't good enough as they are and tried to "fix" them or bully them into being the way you think was acceptable.

To all you dear people out there, every single one of you that I can offer just an ounce of hope to, remember that you're not alone and there's a way out that doesn't involve taking your own life or putting your mental health at risk. As long as people continue to try and ignore us, our realities, the mere fact that we exist, I'll continue talking until the day I die.

This past weekend I was in Atlanta to protest an infamous reparative therapy group called Exodus International, JONAH and People Can change reference them often and have worked in conjunction with them. On Friday morning, with Southern Poverty Law Center and Truth Wins Out, I spoke at a press conference about my story

This is what's on my mind today, and I hope to write more later. With much love for everyone reading this, even the ones who don't love me or even like me in return. You can't help or make a difference without love.

Lastly, listen to this song and watch this video and enjoy the five minutes of pure goodness hope, and many good things you can learn and experience from this beautiful song. It's called "it does get better" by the L project, you don't hear such powerful lyrics everyday.


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