Friday, February 10, 2012

Open Letter to the Directors of JONAH

Dear Arthur/Elaine,

I'm sure that you've seen my recent claims against your organization and the harm that it's caused to me and many others, but today I write to you to understand yet another disturbing fact that's come to light about your organization.

Without naming any names (sorry Arthur, I don't really like breaking the confidentiality of your members), I'd like an explanation as to why your organization continues to "treat" a young boy that was forced by his wealthy and influential parents into your organisation after he started coming out? Don't you guys claim that you can't force anyone to change, and that someone can change only if they want to? I know firsthand that this boy didn't want to go anywhere near JONAH but you guys teamed up with is parents and gave him no other option then to subject himself to your dangerous practices.

It kills me every day when I think about that trouble boy that I met me as a result of the it gets better video that I was in, I met him at a time when life wasn't so great for him, and I did my best to help him find some peace of mind and it resulted in him starting to accept himself and come out. When his parents got wind of the fact, they used their wealth, power, and ignorance in partnership with your organization to literally force him to receive "treatment" from your staff. I honestly don't know how you can sleep at night while so many dangerous things are happening under your watch, the only thing that I can assume is that you guys don't really care about the well being of your members, and your foul history of unprofessional and abusive practice very clearly denotes that.

Your organization is already on very shaky ground and I promise you that I, and others that are sick and tired of your public deception, harm that's being caused to innocent young people, and we won't stop until every single resource that fuels this abusive practice is no longer. 

-Chaim Levin


  1. Have you learned NOTHING from the lessons of the Holocaust? I pray that you are just ignorant and not evil to your marrow.

  2. There are MANY people who simply have no interest in having these same sex attraction (SSA) feelings and want to see what they can do to minimize them.

    Mnay want to be able to have a traditional family life.

    Countless people have been helped by Jonah and have successfully overcome or minimized their SSA.

    You want to stop them from getting the help they want.

    How selfish of you.

  3. Chaim,

    I care for you very much, and looking forward to the day when I can consider you a trustworthy friend again. And I mean this whole-heartedly.

    But if you start a tirade against JONAH for the sole purpose of bringing it to the ground, you will face a lot of serious opposition from me. I have a lot of data, evidence, and support to rally together to go against many of your claims that will make you look way more "shaky" than you are claiming JONAH to be. I don't want to start a war with you. But for my safety and the safety of men I deeply care about, I will do so if I have to.

    Think about it. I really hope you choose a more peaceful route.


  4. If there is a rebate based on pure science, Jonah will lose. If there is a debate based on the ratio of ppl Jonah "cured" to those who were harmed, Jonah will lose.
    I.say lets have this debate.


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