Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen claims gay kids are expendable, divert funds to needy Jewish schools

I have so much to say about this, not enough that I can get into one post today, but I will say this: Wow, this is the first time that I've discovered any chabad rabbi speaking publicly about this issue, but I'm not all that shock that this "Rabbi" and supposed Doctor doesn't realize that he seems delusional and homophobic to the point that his suggestion to ignore bullying against gay kids because bullying is really an anti Semitc issue, is so wrong. I hope he knows that I was bullied by my own people his own people, religious orthodox people, chabad rabbis, and I was bullied by these people simply for being gay.

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen claims gay kids are expendable, divert funds to needy Jewish schools

Australia’s leading expert on bullying, Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, son of the late governor-general Sir Zelman Cowen, has just published the findings of his latest research. He’s found that an effective way to counter the problem of anti-semitic bullying is to divert funding away from anti-homophobia bullying programs.

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen says he’s sorry for the little gay boys and girls who are bashed on a daily basis at school, enduring routine taunts of “poof” and “dyke”. However he knows that it’s more important that little Jewish boys and girls are protected and has cleared his conscience for suggesting that programs like the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria be disbanded, with the funding diverted to the needy Jewish community, with poor funding options and barely adequate safety at their schools.

Cowen’s pièce de résistance from his research is the finding that the problem of homosexual bullying will eventually go away because, he says, if the gay boys and girls are bullied sufficently, they’ll eventually kill themselves due to self-loathing and depression. He sees this as a win-win situation.

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  1. It's important for readers to understand that what I wrote in response to Cowen's paper is that it's a tongue-in-cheek satire piece, whimsical and not entirely based on the truth.

    The purpose of my piece was to highlight the fact that what Cowen did was distort the truth to comply to his sick, twisted values, at the expense of vulnerable same-sex attracted youth.

    I make no apologies for anyone who takes offence at my approach to revealing the hate and bigotry that Cowen exudes. He is living in a world of delusion and self-deception, and in 2012 this is not acceptable.

    If you do feel offended by my actions, I offer you this delightful video by Tim Minchin as a way to help you think about prioritising your concerns. It contains adult themes, so choose the time and place where you view it appropriately.


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