Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank you for your support (and lack of as well)

Dear friends,

I wanted to just shout out to all of you and say thank you for all your amazing and unwavering support throughout this journey that I'm going on. Your support only proves how powerful we as a group of people can be when we come together for the sake of social justice and ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and respect. And it reminds us how important support is for people, all people, in any situation.

To the people who have chosen not to support me, friends (call it what you'd like), family members and haters, thank you also. It's your lack of support and ignorance that only proves how important my work actually is. I wanna let you know that it's because of all the crap that you've thrown at me throughout my life that has made me feel unbreakable and strong, and the more you condemn me and my work, the stronger I get.

I spent 19 years of my life living as a half person, living in fear and shame because of the negative things the the non-supporters have done to me, but I found my peace the day that I accepted myself and stopped caring about what people assumed and believed about me. I know that my work and my voice will save lives, and that's a lot more than I can say for your actions committed against me because you thought you would be the one to put me "in my place".

I can't wait to write more about the aforementioned non supporters and what I've experienced on their behest, not because I like writing about it or thinking about it, but because I know that every time I tell a story of an action that was taken against me for who I was, there's someone reading it that experienced the same injustice in their own respective lives. This isn't a threat or a warning, it's a wake up call and a reality check for you to realize that people don't forget bad things done to them, especially not me. And although I might have been helpless to defend myself back then, I sure as hell am not helpless anymore and my voice is getting louder and clearer.

With lots of love for everyone :)

-Chaim Levin


  1. Loving the blog! And you have all the supporters you needs, everyone else can go f* themselves (can I say that?) ;)

  2. Good work! Keep it up!!!

  3. I am so very impressed, as a writer, a gay man, as someone who endured persecution in Morocco, I find ... how do I say it? A kind of amazing solace in knowing that you are there, keeping this blog, writing about your experiences and actually helping others. I would love to find the strength to come forward with my own story, but I don't have it yet. In any case, you really are a good guy, Chaim. I think you are destined to do great things for all of us.


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