Thursday, February 9, 2012

"You've got mail" (from someone speaking on the behalf of god that is)

So I got this email this morning, I guess it's hate mail? Or maybe it's just more idiocracy from haters and bigots that don't really know anything about sexual abuse or gay people. Anyways, the sender of this email, (hashem echad is Hebrew for "god is one"), apparently think they know something about god and his oneness, but I would respectively disagree and simply thank them for giving crazy content to write about.
-Shkoyach (Hebrew/Yiddish term for thanks)

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  1. LOL.
    I got those emails too.
    (because I have the guts to comment with my full name)
    And after I dared him to answer my question he went on the putting me down with some "nsfw" words, so I responded with "For a second I thought you were serious....Get back to me when you are"
    He responded: "Serious? To a guy with a fake name and fake number , plz"

    My full name and number are in my email, yet this guy can't dare even TRY to call me to see maybe, just maybe, the number is indeed real....

    That, my friends, is the definition of coward.
    Yes, you, Mr. Hashem Ehad, are a coward!
    I dare you once again!
    I know you read this...


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