Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My mother, my hero

This is my mother, the most incredible, powerful, and perfect person I know.

Mom you will always be a part of me; you've taught me what real bravery is, and I'm so proud to be your son. 

Love always,


If you feel like you want to let my mother know how much her bravery has inspired you feel free to send an email or Facebok message and I'll pass it on.

I know how much it would mean to my parents if they actually heard from you, the people that hopefully inspired, and even gave more hope to.


Chaim Levin


  1. Chaim's Mom - One of the things I strive to do as a moth of two boys is let them be who they are! It seems as you embody that! I admire the obviously amazing job you did! You and your son are both an inspiration!

    Chaim - You're a lucky guy! :)

    Sara @

  2. your mom sounds amazing!


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