Monday, March 12, 2012

Urgent: Regarding the recent online bullying that's been targeted against members of the LGBT community and our allies

URGENT: As many of you know, recently many members of the Jewish LGBT community have been getting harassed by a pathetic cyber bully that seems to have a lot on his hands. Law enforcement is finally stepping in and legal action will be taken against this individual in the very near future.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: If you have received any emails from any email addresses like "" "" "" and any other emails that you would consider offensive or hateful. Please FORWARD as many emails as you can to this address: .

To the unfortunate soul that's behind all this, I hope that you suffer the consequences for hurting hundreds of people in the name of "god". My community will not tolerate abuse or bullying from someone as evil as yourself.

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  1. There is some company in this...doesn´t make it easier but ¨abusers¨ post filth at various Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion ¨pro-lgbt-inclusive¨ sites...sick, really sick (at least we know, still, hate is perking along right out there in the great beyond) we remain alert and do what we can to stop it...thanks for this note and I´m sorry you have to face this onward going mess (more regularly than most). Un abrazo fuerte, Leonardo Ricardo


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