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The Price of Telling the Truth - Publicly

Ever since I started speaking publicly about personal things that I’ve experienced throughout my life, I’ve received many hate filled emails, facebook messages, tweets and even sometimes phone calls. The truth is though, these hateful messages from anonymous people were by no means a match against the love and support that I’ve received from many others. I’ve said this on more than one occasion and I truly believe it, “my friends are more powerful than my enemies”. The love and support that has come my way from so many people, people who weren’t afraid to use their real names, and in some cases couldn’t use their real name because of various reasons, was something that I never thought would be possible years ago when I was alone and without hope.
On the other hand, very rarely have I ever received a hateful message from someone using their real name, email address, facebook account or even twitter handle. It amazes me how easy it is for people to hide behind a computer screen and spew…