Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chairman of Crown Heights Jewish Community Counsel to Host Fundraiser for Charles Hynes

This was posted on Zaki Tamir's Facebook page moments ago. I shared this status with the comments below and Tamir responded defending Charles Hynes' history as the Brooklyn DA and referred to the recent EXTREMELY disturbing and almost overwhelming charges against Hynes as "Conspiracy Theories" 
EXCLUSIVE PARTY AT MY HOUSE THIS MONDAY NIGHT - FUNDRAISER FOR THE BROOKLYN DA (yes, the one from the TV show) Charles Hynes - message me privately if you want in. love zt

Zaki Tamir is a "lawyer who chairs the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council" as of March 12th in a recent article,is hosting a fundraiser for a District Attorney who has protected the interests of child molesters, sex offenders and other criminals before protecting the innocent people who deserve justice.

Charles J. Hynes is using CBS to try and portray his office in a better light, but there is no better light; Brooklyn needs a new DA and I think it's a sham that someone who represents [at least part of] Crown Heights and, who has sworn to uphold the law would host a fundraiser for an incumbent is so corrupt.

I might not be considered Chabad anymore by some accounts, not orthodox by others, but I grew up in Crown Heights and it will always be a part of me no matter where I am, and like the good old saying goes: "NOT IN MY BACKYARD!".

Tamir responded defending his decision to this event and Says: 
"I don't think he is corrupt at all. I work in the D.A.'s office for 4 years and I find him to be very fair. As a defense attorney, I deal with Hynes' office every day and any defense attorney will tell you that it is a pleasure dealing with his office. Especially compared to other DA offices in other counties."
I wonder what the Attorneys representing Sam Kellner and the many others who were wrongfully convicted by Hynes would say to that charge.
Tamir continued:
 If u are drinking the coolaid of the conspiracy theories and if u think the parties of your company don't have an agenda of their own, then I'm sorry to inform u, that u are the one under a rock. I live and breath the criminal justice system every day, and Kings is one of the best countries for real justice. There are several candidates that previously ran against the D.A. And we finding out now about the degree of real corruption that was taking place in Brooklyn till now. In the past 25 years, Hynes has cleaned this county up, and yet a lot of work is ahead of us, I think your lens is narrow. But of course u are entitled to your opinion.

I guess we can share these articles with him and the rest of the people who for one second think that Brooklyn is safe as long as Charles Hynes claims to represents our interests.


  1. He's a lawyer, and his grammar is that atrocious, huh?

    Wow. Just... wow. Brooklyn, it's time for some serious housecleaning.

  2. Language skills are for the little people. Real guys cut deals over the phone in grunts. All he needs to know is how to add up $s.

  3. Oh Zaki, If he is so honest and good, why would you have to charge victims of sexual abuse a retainer in the range of $5,000 in order to get the DA's office to accept those cases?

  4. a very sad day Zaki thinks he knows better then us all.... history will judge the Hynes legacy and it will not be pret

  5. I was warned against this guy. If only I had listened. What a skank


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