Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Awareness about the Awareness Center

Vicki Polin, the founder of the awareness center has been circulating rumors that I have been "coercing" people into writing wills and leaving their estates in my name, and then somehow I've been managing to help them commit suicide so that I can steal their livelihoods. Needless to say, these accusations are not only false and ridiculous, they highlight a much bigger problem facing many of us who really want to create positive change in combating the epidemic of sexual abuse.

About six weeks ago Ms. Polin asked me to visit someone who was in a very dangerous emotional place. Polin has been acting as this person's therapist even though they live in different cities and their relationship is a lot less than professional. I did all I can that weekend to comfort this person with the hope of stopping this person from harming themselves. When asking me to spend the weekend with this person Ms Polin, a self proclaimed mental health professional told me "I firmly believe that he WILL kill himself."

On Sunday afternoon following this weekend this individual asked me to help him write a will "in case a freak accident happened to him." I obliged and helped this person write his will even though the circumstances surrounding the writing of this will automatically made this will null and void due to the obvious reality that this person was not in a frame of mind that would allow someone to write a will and have it not be considered written under duress. However, once this person signed this will, this was enough to take affirmative action and have him hospitalized again in what he claims was "probably the one thing that saved his life."

Ms. Polin has not responded to multiple emails from me after she sent out this "alert" accusing me of targeting vulnerable people and forcing them to kill themselves. It should be noted that I was in very close contact with Ms Polin that entire day, including the time that this will was actually being written.

I know that I'm not the first person to be accused of something outrageous by Polin and the Awareness Center but I sincerely hope that I am the last. When I first got "involved" with Polin and her organization four years ago I was hesitant to believe the many warnings given to me by others about that she's not only incompetent but potentially dangerous. Over time I realized that Polin's decisions and trajectory of the awareness center was concerning and I made the decision to resign from board of the Awareness Center - where I was given the title of "director at large" even though I had extremely limited involvement with any decisions the organization made.

Until a few weeks ago I though Vicki Polin was just incompetent but meant well, however, when Polin sent out an email last night to hundreds if not thousands of people accusing me of such horrendous actions I realized that Vicki Polin is really a threat to every single person who cares about the issue of sexual abuse and the people it affects. Polin has used the awareness center's web page to list names of people that has had civil disagreements with online; Polin also accused someone of being inappropriate with survivors but then rescinded this accusation and told me "well, he's good for the money so I can't go against him publicly." Vicki Polin's actions highlight the lack of unity that's affecting so many of us who are trying to create positive change, but worse, her attempts to discredit those who don't work with her cause us to be even more divided.

Awareness is important but I think awareness about The Awareness Center and it's very disturbing history is what matters right now. I hope that an end will be put to this outrageous behavior on Polin's part before someone's life or reputation is permanently harmed.

I have extensive documentation of the phone records, sms messages and emails to prove the above. I will not respond to any comments or questions about this unless it is to an attorney or law enforcement.


  1. It has long been known the Polin is unstable and engaged in precisely what you describe. You haven't known about her what has been public knowledge for quite a long time already?

  2. Chaim, you and all other OTDs deserve this Viki Polin and Rosenberg too
    You had been warned by rational people in the past, but because the anti Polin voice wasn't X frum, and because Polin presented herself as one of you, you chose to have her present you.

    1. Good point on why she was accepted to begin with, but the whole OTD-exposing abuse- pro education is a new and highly "unregulated" world thus allowing for nutcases like them to use these true and just causes for their own agenda.

      No one deserves this c'v.

  3. lol, sorry to say but allot of "OTD"'s, after some time are proven to never have been too stable in the 1st place.
    I guess you can say in this case "matza min es minoh" (pun intended)

    1. That may be true in some cases, but if these people were still frum would you say that they are stable? Is leaving -or running away- from a community or a lifestyle something that creates stability or proves to be a tremendous challenge?

      I want you - theoretically- to leave your home and live in another country where you barely know the language or the culture and try to survive there. I'm sure your stability would be seriously challenged as well. The community sorta covers over and allows for people with mental health challenges to blend in and not be so notices, or of course the great fear people have in telling anyone that they suffer from depression or any other major that affects many in the frum community.

      I mean it's simple,
      If you're depressed = you become a mashpiah.
      If you're OCD = you become very frum.
      If you're manic = then you farbreng till 6 AM.

    2. "lol, sorry to say but allot of "OTD"'s, after some time are proven to never have been too stable in the 1st place."

      Right, and you people and your holy rebbaim are such stellar examples of mental health.

  4. Anyone who is Still on the proverbial derech. Has no right to judge people who are not. Al tudin es chavercho...and by chavercho I don't think of actual "friends"...I simply think of other Jews. Leave that to Hashem. If you are So frum and hopeful for mosheach to ever get here, you should be encouraging achdus...not being an asshole to your fellow Jews. People generally have very good reasons for leaving. They are not necessarily plagued by mental issues as rabbonim will oftener so quick to determine. They are often pushed, or so badly hurt that they feel the need to leave.
    Vicky Poling should be put behind bars for the horrible lies and false promises and misinformation that she spreads. She tried to get me to be a faithful follower and "friend" her, but I see right through her twisted sleazy scams. My very dear friend is unfortunate to be blind to her BS, and I truly believe that she will help him take his own life.
    So sorry, Chaim. You should really Sue her. Lots of people will probably back you.

  5. You learn that somebody is suicidal who you don't know. You go look after him. He asks you to help in write a will which happens to leave you everything. You are concerned that the will be void because you state it was signed under duress. You do not think to call qualified mental health professionals instead? Such a person who could do that is a person who is thinking about financial gain instead of the well-being of somebody else. Was Polin upset because you were to get him to leave a portion to the Well Center? Vipers turning on each other.


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