Monday, September 29, 2014

Personal Statement

Dear friends and everyone else,

As many of you know, I got married a little over six months ago. The decision to get married was not one that I made overnight, but still, in hindsight it was a decision that I was too young and immature to make.

Out of respect to my community and soon to be ex husband, I do not intend to get into much detail over why our relationship didn’t work out, and why just two months after we got married we already separated. While I wish I could’ve done things differently, I have no regrets and am taking my past mistakes and turning them into valuable life lessons for the future.

I am spending more time focusing on trying to rebuild ties with my family as well as getting ready for my return to college this January.

I thank all of you for your support during these trying few years of my life. I’ve gotten support from some of the most unexpected places and this support has been a lifeline to me. I hope to continue paying it forward by emphasizing the importance of supporting other people during hard times.  

These last five years in the public eye have been a journey that many of you have been on together with me and I am forever indebted to the people who have had my back during the good times and the bad ones too.

Chaim Levin

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Re: We Are Under attack by the LGBTPed Community

On the average Wednesday I tend to ignore Yeshiva World News but today Rabbi Yair Hoffman's cry about religious freedom being under attack because telling underage minors that they can be cured from being gay is becoming more and more frowned upon (for good reason).

Let's just cut to the chase on this one:

-Religious freedom doesn't give you the right to promote unlicensed self proclaimed professionals to tell kids who are already confused that their sexuality is their fault and is something that can be cured.

-Religious freedom doesn't mean that you can send your kids to anyone you want for treatment, especially if this treatment is known to cause serious harm to many (myself included).

-Forcing children into conversion therapy against their will is NOT a parent's right, and any parent who tries to do this to their children should be prosecuted for child abuse.

I wonder if Rabbi Hoffman is concerned about the countless underage LGBT kids that are kicked out of their homes, yeshivas and communities because of their orientation.

I also wonder if Rabbi Hoffman is concerned about the methods that these so called professionals use, including but not limited to blaming their parents for their orientation, and most notably being coerced to strip naked in a locked room with an unlicensed "professional".

Stop using religious freedom as an excuse to justify abuse. If a cancer patient (a REAL illness) who is a minor is forced by his parents to see a self proclaimed professional and not a real doctor to deal with his illness and then they die, thees parents would be easily liable for his death. In this case, there is no real illness other than the potential long term very harmful effects of such so called therapies.

It would be in Hoffman's best interest to focus on real problems facing religious communities if that's what he really cares about.

Ps. It's LGBTQIA (if you cared) - the added PED is not only not funny but also indicative of how quickly people seemed to forget that the nazis came for the Jews and for gay people too.