Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Merciful Death

Shenur Zalmen Matisyahu Mendelsohn is an individual who often comments on posts regarding LGBTQ people, frequently with calls that we be put to death because that’s what he believes is biblically correct. He is firm in his resolute that homosexuals worship death and deserve to murdered for their sins, and he has publicly expressed this view many times. While some think that this extremism doesn’t deserve any lip service or acknowledgment, the events of this weekend have caused me to change my mind.

Mr. Mendelsohn walked up to me on Friday evening while I was in the presence of two other friends and said “I wish you a merciful death”. The anger and pure hatred in his tone and on his face was felt instantly among me and my friends, they insisted on walking me home because they feared for my safety.

This man frequently spends time with younger people and I can’t even imagine the kind of fundamentalist  extremism and hatred that he preaches to them or the way they interpret his words. I write this with the intention of letting anyone and everyone who had the unfortunate experience of encountering Mr. Mendelsohn and his hateful and very disturbing words should know that his voice is among the evil hateful ones of the past that are being drowned out by the more positive ones of acceptance and kindness.

Mr Mendelsohn: I implore you to consider the consequences of your words. While you caused me anxiety for a total of five minutes, remember that there’s always someone listening, including the god that you believe wants me dead. More importantly, lots of people who are still figuring out their sexual identity hear you talk the way that you do,  they are hearing you are telling them that they don’t belong on this planet, that they are not worthy of life and the pursuit of happiness, and those are not your decisions to make. I hope for your own sake that you make peace with the demons that are alive and well inside your head, but know that your words will not be forgotten or unchallenged. You resembled a Nazi when you approached me on Friday night, and I’m sure that if you continue on this course your life will resemble one too.

You are not a man of god and your words aren’t justified by your religion.

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