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Update on Tuvia Perlman

On Tuesday, I published a Facebook post about a man named Tuvia Perlman, who worked as a teacher and a choir director in Milwaukee after moving there from Baltimore. Mr. Perlman admitted to molesting multiple minors; he made this admission in a room full of people that included myself, this was in 2007. Mr. Perlman made these admissions to multiple people on multiple occasions.
It was just 4 days prior to writing and publishing said post that I found out he had relocated to Milwaukee from Baltimore a few years ago and had been working with children in Milwaukee both as a teacher, choir director, and private tutor up until this past summer.
What I said in that post and what I will say again here, is that it isn't something like god (or whatever higher power you'd like to refer to), that enables such a dangerous situation to happen. It's the silence of community leaders like Rabbi Bentzion Twerski who was warned by someone in Baltimore that Mr. Perlman posed a danger to children and yet Rabbi Twerski took no tangible action to prevent Perlman from having access to children despite claiming to have taken some action.
I've learned since Tuesday among other things that Rabbi Twerski is treated like an infallible person who can do no wrong in the eyes of many of his community members, but I also learned that there are many other members of his community that are very frustrated with his leadership on the issue of child sexual abuse. To his supporters and to Rabbi Twerski, I want you to be aware that I have a recording of my conversation with Rabbi Twerski that I intend to release to the public in due course. In this recording, Rabbi Twerski can be heard acknowledging that he was warned that Perlman posed some kind of danger to children and then proceded to claim that "precautions" were taken to prevent Perlman from having access to children. Rabbi Twerki's own words, as well as the sad reality that Tuvia Perlman had access to children for years under his watchful eye, tell a different story than what Rabbi Twerski is claiming now.
About 24 hours after publishing my initial post, Facebook decided to remove my post and to block me from posting or interacting with anyone for a full day as punishment for supposedly violating their community standards with my post. It is still very unclear to me what those community standards are that I violated because of other than one notification, Facebook has not contacted me regarding that post or explained why it chose to remove a post that was a warning of imminent danger facing Jewish children in Milwaukee.
I hope that in time this will be cleared up but for now, I am sharing a link to my blog where I also published Tuesday's post. I don't use that blog often but I do when necessary. I will not be silenced from spreading the truth and from potentially saving kids from a seasoned predator. I dare Facebook to ban me for trying to protect children. As I've said in that post as well, I have proof for every single one of my claims and that proof has only been bolstered and corroborated by others since being published.


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